Quaker Oats Teams Up with Chef Anis Nabilah & Influencers to Present Nutritional Recipes for Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan around the corner, Quaker Oats has embarked on month-long “Rasa Sayang, Rasa Kuat” campaign, showcasing the benefits of Oats – including the nutritional value of oats, with its content of fibre, protein, beta glucan, and important vitamins and minerals particularly iron which plays a role in our bodies to support immunity, which is important for those observing the annual fast.

The campaign also aims to showcase how observers of the fast can optimise the benefits of this “super-grain’ as they go through their weekly journey of fasting by using it in creative culinary ways to make it a part of their daily diet during Sahur and Iftar.

To achieve the objectives of the “Rasa Sayang, Rasa Kuat” campaign, Quaker Oats has teamed up with celebrated chef Anis Nabilah in a series of four carefully planned and curated webisodes, which will air over a period of four weeks over the month of Ramadan. Each weekly episode will feature Chef Anis with a notable Malaysian influencer. Combining their expertise, Anis and each influencer will discuss specific challenges and needs related to each week of the fasting month, as well as showcase a simple but tantalizing recipe each week; all featuring one star ingredient – Quaker Oats.

The four episodes will be featured as follows:

1 Diet and nutrition while fasting Sazzy Falak
2 Fitness and wellness while fasting Nana al-Haleq
3 Staying strong during Ramadan Atita Haris
4 Feeling and looking great while gearing up towards Raya Elcah Hashah


Mark your calendars and catch the “Rasa Sayang, Rasa Kuat” webisodes on Quaker Malaysia’s Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/3rWaTnq or Quaker Malaysia’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuakerMalaysia.

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