Do you feel a sharp pain in your breast? Have you ever wondering if the pain can be a sign of something serious? Apart from a constant check on your breast, we need to notice the signs of breast cancer. Always remember that a timely detection can turn a story of breast cancer into a survivor’s tale. Read more:

#1 Breast lumps or lumpiness


Breast tissue naturally has a bumpy texture. Thus, it is common that many women may find their breasts feel lumpy. However, in most cases, lumpiness is no cause to worry. If the lumps are harder or different from the rest of the breast, see a doctor.

#2 Bloodstained discharge from either of your nipples

Nipple discharge is a rare sign of breast cancer. Liquid leaking can be your body’s natural reaction when the nipple is squeezed. Signs of a more serious condition include discharge occurs without squeezing the nipple, occurs only in one breast, it is bloody or clear.

#3 Abnormal pain


If you feel a minor abnormal pain that doesn’t seem to go away, this may be signs of breast cancer. It is normal if the breast pain occurs before or during your period, but if breast pain doesn’t go away after your next period, find a healthcare provider.

#4 Darkening or redness

Breast discoloration is an early sign of inflammatory breast cancer. A small section of pink, red or dark color around your breast area. This discoloration can look like a bruise, but it is a sign of breast cancer. Do not ignore unexplained bruising on your breast.

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