Melasleep Whitening

White Peony Night Jelly

Night is the best time to repair your skin, grasp the golden reparation period while sleeping at night for skin to restore translucent radiance. FOR BELOVED ONE has spent years of research and development to find the key to repairing skin at night, breaking the limits of whitening skincare, and developed the first cosmeceutical night jelly!

The Melasleep Whitening White Peony Night Jelly contains the precious Sri Lanka White Tea Peony Extract, and Peony Essence, an ingredient that earned the reputation of “King of Flowers” and is the top choice of Chinese whitening formula, these two combined creates the ultimate whitening combination ─ White Peony Essence. Peony has unique aroma that has a calming, soothing effect, it stimulates skin’s cell repair mechanisms at night, and activates and strengthens the structure of collagen and elastin. Another exclusive patent pharmaceutical ingredient “Lactobacillus ferment” inhibits tyrosinase activity, a key enzyme that causes melanin formation, for night time skin repair; and with whitening patent Dermawhite, this night jelly helps improve dull, uneven complexion and gives skin a natural glow. The jelly texture can effectively cover these ingredients, and helps skin fully absorb all the previous ingredients during sleep to reveal bright and healthy skin the next morning.

 White peony essence – whitening, soothing, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation & anti-free radicals

Selected from Sri Lanka, limited only to the spring harvest of the delicate White Peony Tea Extract, plus the White Peony Extract with the reputation of the “King of Flowers” and the top selection of Chinese whitening formula, to create a golden team of whitening ─. White Peony Essence. Peony can calm the skin and has the effect of anti-inflammation and sterilization, also possesses whitening effect; combined with white peony tea polyphenols can protect the skin from free radicals and has the anti-oxidant effect; at the meanwhile, promote skin microcirculation, reduce pigmentation, make skin healthier, is the best choice for antioxidant and whitening ingredients. Furthermore, the sweet and refreshing aroma of white peony serves a curing effect of soothing emotion, is especially suitable to use at night for tired skin to restore vitality.


After complete all skin care application, take a small amount of the jelly, spread on the face and go to sleep. No need to wash off the jelly of next day. Use 2-3 times a week.


Exclusively sold @ Sephora:

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50ml / paste, RM175