Wardah Beauty Unveils a New Skincare Range for Crystal Clear Skin

Wardah Beauty, the Halal-beauty brand from Indonesia, has just launched a new skincare range called Wardah Crystal Secret – specifically formulated for crystal clear skin with 2 x Edelweiss extract and pure Alpha Arbutin.

Developed in collaboration between local experts from Indonesia and experts from Switzerland, Wardah Crystal Secret features a newly improved formulation with more effective active ingredients, lightweight and fast-absorbing for healthy skin, bright complexion and as radiant as crystals. 

Wardah Crystal Secret comes with 2x more Edelweiss flower extract to enhance overall skin brightness and radiance in every layer of the skin. This star ingredient was organically cultivated from the Swiss Alps and carefully ascertained from the seed selection process, harvesting, to the extracting process. Edelweiss, also known as “Survival Star” because of its unlimited power to grow and survive in extreme climates with high Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Enriched with antioxidants and high protective substances, Edelweiss flower extract has the ability to not only brighten and remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the face, it  also enhances the skin’s protective function for healthy radiant skin from within. 

Wardah Crystal Secret also contain one of the best active ingredients for brightening purposes – Alpha Arbutin. The pure Alpha Arbutin is highly effective in reducing black spots on the face, and gives a more even skin tone with a healthy complexion. This ingredient is only obtained from highly experienced world-class professional suppliers, in addition to ensuring its high quality and effectiveness through careful testing. 

The Wardah Crystal Secret range comes with seven products for a complete skincare routine.


In developing the Halal-beauty industry, Wardah applies the highest of standards with a focus on research, innovation, and technological advancement. The Wardah products are formulated using the best natural and pure ingredients available from around the world and each of Wardah’s products has undergone safety tests and clinical tests conducted internationally.

The launch of Wardah Secret Crystal was held last week in Kuala Lumpur.
Dayah Bakar, Yasmin Redzuan, Aisha Liyana made their appearance at the launch event

The Wardah Crystal Secret skincare range is now available online at the Wardah Official Store at Shopee, Watson, and Guardian nationwide with price range of RM8.68 to RM37.00. 

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