Tried & Tested: AsterSpring New Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy

Have you heard about AsterSpring new soothing and Rebalancing Therapy? With a busy lifestyle, one should never miss this out. The treatment aims to strengthen our skin microbiome, boost the immune system and improve skin lipid barrier. If you are wondering what is skin microbiome, it refers to microorganisms living on our skin, which form an eco-system to keep our skin healthy and in good condition.

Research has shown that our skin microbiome plays an important role in our skin’s natural defense system against damage from environmental stressors, keeping our skin moisturized and delay signs of aging. If our skin microbiome is unbalanced, some skin problems such as sensitivity, development of eczema, acne, and weakened skin barrier will occur.

AsterSpring’s Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy helps strengthen and restore balance to our skin microbiome. The new facial treatment utilizes advanced technology including innovative ingredients formulated and manufactured in France, and bt-accent AIR machine from the USA.

The treatment begins with double cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction to prepare the skin for nourishment. Then, 3 key ingredients are then applied through an ampoule mist and serum:

  • Botanic-Calm complex – to reduce skin redness and irritation, promote relaxation and protect skin with powerful antioxidants
  • EquapH complex – to boost skin moisture
  • Synbiotics complex – prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance skin microbiome

For maximum results, the treatment experience incorporates two sessions of Nano-technology oxygen mist spray technology for 9x more penetration and powerful hydration. The treatment also involves the application of a multigrain soothing masque with AsterSpring’s special pressure point and drainage massage techniques, to further restore the senses and provide deep relaxation. The treatment finishes with an application of toner, moisturizer, and SPF to preserve your now reinvigorated, radiant and glowing skin.

How long once?

It is recommended over a 3 month period with 15-day intervals, together with a personalized home care regimen recommended by your AsterSpring professional skincare therapist, including Dermalogica.


To be honest, my skin was really unbalanced recently. It comes to a point where my skin started to feel very dry and developed eczema (for the first time!) on the side of my mouth. At first I was worry that my skin would react to the negative side as my skin tends to be more sensitive, however, it comes to my surprise where I could feel the immediate relief. My skin is soothed and calm yet hydrated even after the first session of AsterSpring’s Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy. On the other side, I feel my skin’s defense system gets much better in the next few days after the facial treatment as my eczema on the side of my mouth disappears as I didn’t feel any itchiness anymore! The extraction marks were gone on the next day too! As such, I would like to personally recommend this Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy for everyone who experiences unbalanced skin.


facil (Duration: 62 minutes) is available in Malaysia at:

AsterSpring Centre: RM468

AsterSpring Signature Centre: RM498

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For more information and inquiries, visit AsterSpring website at or its Facebook.