Banish Dark Spots with The Face Inc Lightening Duo

Banish Dark Spots with The Face Inc Lightening

One of the most common skin conditions and that’s difficult to treat is hyper-pigmentation. It occurs when melanin is over-produced in certain spots on the skin causing dark spots which tend to appear on the face and other highly visible body parts, and can be difficult to hide. Reduce hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone with The Face Inc Lightening Duo.

This duo consists of The Face Inc Exfoliant and The Face Inc Lightener, which helps in reducing the appearance of dark marks and spots caused by hyper-pigmentation. The Face Inc Exfoliant is a leave-on formula that removes the dead skin layer overnight as you sleep, that way The Face Inc Lightener can penetrate effectively to reduce pigmentation and lighten spots. With consistent use, you’ll wake up to brighter, clearer skin with an even skin tone.

STEP 1: The Face Inc Exfoliant, RM128 (30ml)

The Face Inc Exfoliant-Pamper.myThis clear, non-abrasive exfoliant does not contain microbeads and you don’t have to wash it off too since it does the work as you sleep. It helps to improve aged, clogged pores and photo-damaged skin. It contains AHAs to exfoliate dead skin, improves skin texture and tone and BHA to clear blackheads and whiteheads.

STEP 2: The Face Inc Lightener, RM178 (30ml)

The Face Inc Lightener-Pamper.myThe milky concentrate helps to improve your skin’s blemishes, lighten pigment spots and scars while another ingredient in the concentrate, Arbutin inhibits tyrosinase which inhibits the formation of melanin. Plus, it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it smooth instead of the usual stickiness that other creams give.

The Face Inc Lightening Duo: The Face Inc Exfoliant retails for RM128 and The Face Inc Lightener retails for RM178.

The Face Inc products are retailed exclusively at selected SASA stores throughout Malaysia. It’s also available for purchase online at

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