Sulwhasoo Decodes the Secret Behind the Success of Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum in a Virtual Live Show

Last week, Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand, Sulwhasoo hosted an online media event for Singapore and Malaysia media members and influencers, to decode the secret behind the success of its signature Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum, the anti-ageing serum which sold more than 300,000 bottles in two years after its launch.

The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum contains a high-function anti-aging ingredient, Ginsenomics, that manages the roots of skin raging with 6000 times concentration of rare ginsenosides extracted from ginseng. This anti-ageing serum manages the skin with a “triple micro-targeting” that replenishes, supports and strengthens the skin through the Ginsenomics ingredient, establishes a resilient support structure, and improves visible signs of wrinkles.

During the Q&A session in the live event, Mr. Choi from Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Centre, told that Sulwhasoo uses a lot of medicinal herbs or plant based materials for their products, except Cordyceps which came from animals. Among them, they found ginseng is an ideal plant for skin anti-aging based on their studies.

In explaining how does Sulwhasoo select the key ingredients for its products, Mr. Choi said “Sulwhasoo analyses a lot of Traditional Chinese medicine or Traditional Korean Medicine books, prescriptions and Science papers using Big-data analysis method like ‘Data-mining’. Basically, it is to collect and classify meaningful raw data from big data by some rule from the point of view of pharmacology. Then we select candidates of herbs or chemicals, screen and verify its efficacy using modern biotechnology tools.”

(from left) Mr. Choi from Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Centre, and the host, Ms. Natasha Loo

He also revealed that due to the difficulty in obtaining an active ingredient of uniform quality from every plant, Sulwhasoo is constantly studying on stabilizing platform technology like Ginsenisphere and specially controlled ginseng cultivation, such as Hydroponics or Aerophonic technologies.

(from left) Live testing and review of the serum by Ms Stella Min, Senior Manager of Sulwhasoo Global marketing and the host, Ms Natasha Seo
(from left) Self-care ritual demonstration using a jade massager by Ms Evelyn Ko, the Assistant Manager of Luxury Training

To our surprise, the serum texture looks concentrated but it’s actually lightweight and non-sticky! It’s quickly absorbed into the skin once it is spread through and does not feel oily or greasy. It feels so smooth and refreshing on our skin, leaving behind a light ginseng scent that lingers a while.

The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum retails at RM690 for 50ml, and is available at Sulwhasoo stores nationwide.

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