Shiseido’s new ultimate beauty collection, the Future Solution LX line addresses all signs of ageing and improves the quality of your skin.

Marrying the pinnacle of skin science with the pure pleasure of skincare, Shiseido presents the latest of the line’s four essential items, beautifully packed into a multi-layered packaged, designed to evoke Japanese tiered lacquerware boxes.


The Four Essential Items

The Ultimate Beauty Collection The Ultimate Beauty Collection delivers the most advanced skincare science in just four essential items. It’s a sophisticated approach to maximising the skin’s inherent ability to elevate its own beauty—immediately and into the future.

Tier by tier, the box contains:
• Total Regenerating Cream 30mL
• Total Protective Cream 30mL
• Concentrated Balancing Softener 75mL
• Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 50mL

Better and better skin, layer by layer and day by day. Honouring skin with the philosophy that it, like life, can become more beautiful with time and experience, the world of Future Solution LX is filled with elements of Japanese richness—preeminent science, aesthetic balance, fulfilling textures and scents, and refined luxury. Each product works effectively, building on the skin’s beauty, moment by moment, elevating its condition, and defining its future.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Ultimate Beauty Collection is now available at all Shiseido counters nationwide.

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