Freia Aesthetics Unveils VENN: Supercharged Skincare with Korean Beauty Expertise

Award-winning Freia Aesthetics, known for its personalised approach to beauty, has partnered with VENN, a K-beauty skincare line. VENN offers innovative skincare products formulated with a “supercharged engine” for optimal ingredient delivery.

“VENN is a great addition to Freia’s repertoire of cult beauty lines. I love the thoughtfulness in the multi-functionality of every product; the distinct “east-meets-west” perspective that it offers. For example, the 400 year old, time tested prescription in Jaungo (Korea’s traditional first aid ointment) has been reformulated into one of my favourite Venn products, the Advanced Multi Perfecting Red Oil Serum.” according to Serene Seah-Ma, co-founder of Freia Aesthetics.

Advanced Multi Perfecting Red Oil Serum

Founded by Brian Oh and nuclear physicist Dr. Kevin Mun, VENN combines cutting-edge research with ancient Korean beauty traditions. The signature “Engine” technology optimises delivery of key ingredients for visible results. Their focus on the skin microbiome (good bacteria) promotes healthy, resilient skin.

Freia Aesthetics offers a range of VENN products, including:

  • Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum (RM594): A powerful multi-correctional oil for elasticity and nourishment.
  • Synbiotic Defense Mist (RM375): A treatment mist with prebiotics, probiotics, and actives for hydration and balance.
  • Collagen Intensive Phyto-Retinol Renewal Mask (RM219): A hydrogel mask with collagen and bakuchiol for firmer, smoother skin.
  • Moisture-Balance All-In-One Face Cleanser (RM342): A low-pH cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, and hydrates.

Freia Aesthetics also provide the VENN Supercharged Facial (RM850), a 105-minute treatment addresses various skin concerns and leaves your skin glowing. It incorporates all the hero products alongside a relaxing massage and technology for optimal results.

Discover the power of VENN skincare and Freia Aesthetics’ personalised approach to beauty. Visit or their outlet to learn more.

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