Get Radiant, Korean Glass-Skin with Eucerin’s Even Radiance Range

Eucerin has recently launched its Even Radiance Range that was inspired by the efforts of creating a skincare range to help consumers achieve a glowy, radiant and Korean glass-skin. The event also saw a special appearance by Jongseo Jun, an award winning South Korean actress, and Ayda Jebat, a local actress.

Ayda Jebat (left) and Jongseo Jun (right)

The Even Radiance Range sees the introduction of three new skincare products that boast 3x higher effectivity than Vitamin C for radiant skin and triple the restoration, plumping and revitalising effects2. Now you can achieve the glass skin glow with 90% brighter and 91% dewy skin in 2 weeks.

With clinically proven research, the Even Radiance Range features a number of new key ingredients such as:

  • Niacinamide & Licorice Extract – A potent antioxidant that neutralises free radicals induced by UV rays, environmental and lifestyle factors to reduce dull-looking skin at its root. It helps with skin dullness by inhibiting the effects of UVB induced skin damage and accelerate healing at a cellular level for 90% brighter skin.
  • Aqua GG & Panthenol – It is the next generation of moisturising active ingredients able to be absorbed deeper into the skin without greasiness. They have excellent moisturising, soothing and regenerative properties for 91% dewy glow skin.

With these ingredients combined and applied on your skin, the brand claimed that they will help to achieve 91% dewy glow skin & 90% brighter skin.

Water Gel Moisturiser (RM138.00/50ml)

A water-based gel moisturiser that is fast-absorbing – it brightens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin for more dewy, radiant and glowing skin in just two weeks.

2 Step Ampoules: Bright & Glow Ampoules (RM169.00/15mlx2)

Bright Ampoule: The first of two, this serum has a water light texture that penetrates deep into the skin layers. It acts to inhibit free radicals to recover dull & damaged skin at the root cause whilst reactivating the skin cells for better absorption of the second serum.

Glow Ampoule: The second serum has a milky translucent texture that nourishes and moisturises the uppermost layer of skin, regenerating skin cells and increasing the brightening efficacy to combat dull or uneven skin tones.

Dark Circle Corrector (RM160.00/15ml)

A rich gel cream with long lasting hydration. Without the greasiness, it is an easy 3-in-1 to restore, plump and revitalise your undereyes by reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Brand sharing session during the launch

The Eucerin Even Radiance Range is available for purchase in all leading pharmacies and on E-commerce platforms.

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