Elevate Your At-Home Masking Experience with This High-Performance CustoMask from B&B Labs

After a period of lockdown and stay-at-home orders that prevented many of us from visiting beauty salon, many have taken to trying at-home skincare treatments to keep their skin looking its best. To make sure your at-home skincare is as effective as going to the beauty salon, you need some high performance skincare products which B&B Labs is offering.

Designed to improve your at-home masking experience, B&B Labs, a Malaysian cosmeceutical skincare brand, has introduced CustoMask, the world’s first customized microbiome sheet mask range that harnesses the power of Malaysia’s rich rainforests and Asian cosmeceuticals to nourish the skin on a cellular level and restore beneficial flora for glowing skin.

This revolutionary sheet mask is powered by B&B Labs’ proprietary microbiome botanical complex, E-COLOGY PLUS+, an advanced blend of prebiotic ingredients to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the microorganisms living in our skin. Formulated with Biolin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and exotic Asian cosmeceutical ingredients – extracts from the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of fruits, durian and mangosteen, E-COLOGY PLUS+ enriches the skin’s environment, reduces skin discomforts, and preps the skin to enhance, rejuvenate, repair, and heal.

Customized to fit specific skin types and skin conditions through an AI Skin Assessment Test, CustoMask is a targeted and high potency treatment-grade sheet mask loaded with 30ml of Activated Concentrate in each pack – not just a quick fix but also providing long lasting results.


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CustoMask comes in 12 different variants target for different skin concerns and they are sold in a box of 7 pieces at RM175/box. Made with 100% pure natural fibers, these hypoallergenic and skin-hugging sheets masks are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% environmentally friendly.

  1. M1 CustoMask for Dark Spots
  2. M2 CustoMask for Uneven Skin Tone
  3. M4 CustoMask for Dullness and Uneven Texture
  4. M6 CustoMask for Dullness and Dehydration
  5. H1 CustoMask for Wrinkles and Uneven Texture
  6. H5 CustoMask for Wrinkles and Dryness
  7. J3 CustoMask for Dehydration and Fine Lines
  8. J4 CustoMask for Dehydration and Uneven Skin Texture
  9. O3 CustoMask for Sensitivity and Redness
  10. O4 CustoMask for Sensitivity and Itchiness
  11. G1 CustoMask for Oiliness-Blackheads and Whiteheads
  12. G6 CustoMask for Oiliness-Acne-Prone
CustoMask Amplifier (RM399)

If you want to achieve more effective skincare results, it is recommended to supercharge your sheet masking regime with the CustoMask Amplifier (RM399), a wearable beauty-tech device designed to increase the absorption of the CustoMask by more than 10 times, in just 10 minutes. This galvanic ion enhancer uses both electrophoresis and electroosmosis technologies, pushing active ingredients deeper into the skin, perfect to elevate your at-home facial treatments!

To choose the right CustoMask for your skin, head over to https://bb-labs.com/collections/customask to do the Skin Assessment Test. Happy masking!

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