Discover the Skin-healing Power of Mugwort with I’m From

Our skin goes through different rhythms of change as we age, and even when we’re exposed to different climates, environments, or lifestyles. These inflamed and blotchy areas can be very difficult to hide even if it’s concealed under your make-up.

Utilising ethically-sourced ingredients and an honest approach to skincare, Korean beauty brand I’m From has found a solution to calm skin and give it a fresh start, harnessing the magical powers of a single plant ingredient – mugwort. For generations, mugwort, also known as Artemisia Princeps, has been dubbed a medicinal herb for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties for the body, mind, and now, complexion.

Packed with a powerful punch of skin-calming benefits, mugwort naturally possesses anti-bacterial, calming, and soothing properties that relieve and treat even the most sensitive, irritated and breakout-prone skin. Mugwort also contains Vitamin E, which protects and strengthens the skin barrier against breakouts while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Comprising five power-packed products including a facial mask, essence, sheet mask, cream and spot gel, I’m From’s Mugwort range is suitable for all skin types and those seeking a calming beauty routine.

 I’m From Mugwort Mask (RM113/110ml)

A gentle mask with a highly concentrated gel formula contains the finest ground mugwort that extracted by a 24-Hour Slow Release Extraction process helps to detoxify skin while improving overall skin tone and soothing acne.

 I’m From Mugwort Essence (RM123/160ml)

Formulated with 100% mugwort extract, this cult-favourite essence provides a boost of hydration while treating and calming skin.

I’m From Mugwort Sheet Mask (RM18/1 piece)

Containing 91.45% of mugwort extract, this breathable sheet mask delivers mugwort’s soothing and refreshing properties directly onto the skin as it replenishes and rebalances skin’s moisture levels.

 I’m From Mugwort Cream (RM113/50ml)

Formulated with 73.55% mugwort extract, this lightweight moisturising cream provides relief and hydration for sensitised, acne-prone skin.

 I’m From Mugwort Spot Gel (RM83/15g)

Made with 90% mugwort extract, this easy-to-apply gel soothes troubled areas by controlling sebum production as the final skincare step.

I’m From is available on e-commerce platforms at Shopee,  Lazada,  Zalora, and Watsons  stores and  online.

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