Boost Your Skin To Its Best Condition With Clarins Skin Boosters

Our fast-paced lifestyle can really take a toll on our skin. Our skin becomes fatigue from lack of sleep while, the harsh weather conditions could weaken it and, those late night partying could cause congested skin too. Since we’re juggling with so many things, our skin needs that extra boost to become clear and glowing again. After 10 years of research, Clarins introduces 3 incredible Skin Boosters which provide an immediate skin
benefit no matter what your skin condition is in just a few drops.

Clarins brought the Skin Boosters to The Forum KL to break down their benefits for our skin.

Clarins Skin Booster Energy, Detox and Repair- Pamper.MyBooster Energy

Energize your fatigue skin with Booster Energy that’s enriched with ginseng extract to tone and re-energize your skin, decrease signs of fatigue, and revive your skin’s radiance.

Booster Detox

The ultra-concentrated formula enriched with green coffee extract will help to detoxify your congested skin while plumping your skin to become brighter.

Booster Repair

Repair weakened sensitive skin with Booster Repair, filled with mimosa tenuiflora extract that comforts and strengthens your skin while reducing the redness too.

How to Boost Your Skin with Clarins’ Skin Boosters

Mix 3 to 5 drops of Booster with your regular face cream, serums or mask. You can use Booster for a day, a week or a month – any time when your skin needs the Boost! If you’re planning on using more than 1 variety of Booster to pamper your skin, it’s advisable to use 1 Booster to each skincare step. For example, you can use Booster Repair in your night cream after using Booster Energy in your face mask.

Clarins Skin Boosters (15ml) are priced at RM190 each and will be available online and at all Clarins counters starting 1 January 2017.

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