Beyond the Face: AROMATICA Hand Cream – A Whisper of Luxury for Your Hardworking Hands

While intricate serums and glowing masks grace our faces, our hands often endure the brunt of daily life, silently weathering the storm of washes, sanitizers, and harsh weather. It’s time to give them the pampering they deserve, and AROMATICA’s latest offering, the AROMATICA Hand Cream, whispers a promise of luxury and revival.

Forget the fleeting trends and shimmering serums. AROMATICA whispers a different story, one crafted with the quiet power of nature. Each 30ml tube holds a promise of velvety, nourished skin, infused with the subtle poetry of nature.

Serene Lavender & Marjoram

Like a moonlight sonata, this hand cream soothes with lavender’s calming touch and marjoram’s nurturing embrace. Shea butter whispers comfort, a balm for dry hands yearning for a lullaby of moisture.

Embrace Neroli & Patchouli

A revitalizing dawn in a bottle, this hand cream awakens the senses with neroli’s citrusy whisper and patchouli’s earthy elegance. Shea butter, a loyal friend, offers hydration and protection, leaving hands feeling invigorated and renewed.

Mellowness Magnolia & Sandalwood

A whisper of spring nights, this hand cream is a romantic rendezvous for the senses. Magnolia’s floral sigh mingles with sandalwood’s warm embrace, while vegan ceramides and shea butter dance a waltz of nourishment. The result? Skin as pillow-soft as a whispered dream.

Inspirit Basil & Bergamot

A crisp summer morning captured in a tube, this hand cream is a burst of dew-kissed freshness. Basil’s herbaceous zest and bergamot’s citrusy joy invigorate, while shea butter and vegan ceramides offer a whispered promise of lasting hydration.

AROMATICA Hand Cream is available exclusively at selected Sephora stores,, and Sephora in-app.

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