Activate Your Skin’s Self-Restoring Power with Shiseido’s New Eudermine Activating Essence

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Ready to unleash your skin’s true radiance and rejuvenation power? Then you won’t want to miss Shiseido’s all-new generation Eudermine Activating Essence! Designed to activate your skin’s self-restoring power so that you can look and feel radiant every single day, this benefit-rich formula helps unlock your skin’s full potential to recharge, remove impurities, and renew itself. gives your complexion the vibrant, rejuvenated appearance it deserves.

Eudermine is Shiseido’s first skincare product launched in 1897. It was formulated using the most advanced Western pharmaceutical technology of the time. Named using the Greek words “eu” and “dermine”(derma), meaning “good” and “skin,” Eudermine has steadily gained popularity as ‘Shiseido’s red water’ and over the years, the formulation has been continually improved to suit the needs of each generation.

Today, it has been re-conceptualised as Eudermine Activating Essence, featuring innovative technologies seen in both the skincare formulation and the new replaceable packaging. The idea behind Eudermine towards the achievement of healthy and beautiful skin has remained unchanged even in today’s technologically advanced world.

Combining the latest innovations in science with lasting beauty, Eudermine is a testament to Shiseido’s resourcefulness, unlocking your skin’s full potential to recharge, remove impurities, and renew itself. The product is formulated with microparticles of oil which are just 1/100 the size of emulsion that can quickly absorb deep into the stratum corneum for long-lasting moisture.

The evolution of Eudermine Activating Essence is a testimony to Shiseido’s resourcefulness in combining innovation in science with lasting beauty, having developed the world’s first leading Lifeblood technology employed in the formulation of Eudermine Activating Essence, Ultimune power-infusing concentrate and Essential Energy hydrating cream.

The unique ActiveRED Technology, powered by Lifeblood, helps the skin to focus on restoration, absorbing important nutrients along the way. As the skin renewal cycle continues, skin is hydrated, skin concerns such as visible pores, blemishes and dullness are cleared, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin.

Formulated with Shiseido’s unique Fermented Kefir Extract, Yuzu Extract and original skin- conditioning ingredient 4MSK based on ActiveRED Technology, this new essence lotion is designed to restore the user’s own natural beauty. With every use, the skin will regain its beauty and clarity. It’s dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic-tested, paraben- free and mineral oil-free.


Shiseido’s Eudermine Activating Essence comes in a new, refillable container, which employs the world’s first LiquiForm packaging, a new system for skincare refills that is easier and more hygienic. The refillable package design consisting of a main body and a replaceable container comes in a unique dual structure that provides premium packaging, allowing for a single-step bottle refill, thus reducing plastic waste by 92% compared with the regular packaging.

Eudermine Activating Essence retails for RM360 And is available at nationwide counters, boutiques, kiosk and selected Sephora stores: and online sites: and

Stop by Eudermine roadshow at the Centre Court of Mid Valley Megamall from today until March 19, 1 Utama from 20 to 26 March, and KLCC from 27 March to 2 April, to experience and learn more about Eudermine. More information of the new Eudermine is also available on

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