#QuickChatWithPamper: Getting to Know Ksisters, the Premium K-Beauty Online Store – With Its Founder, Jungmin Lee

Local beauty enthusiasts will now have an additional option to shop for their favourite K-beauty products as the premium K-beauty online store, Ksisters which is based in Singapore, has expanded its delivery zone beyond the Merlion Island to cover Malaysia.

Every beauty and lifestyle collection at www.ksisters.sg is thoughtfully handpicked, and each product is tested by the Ksisters team to ensure its quality and efficacy. Aside from the curated selection of K-beauty brands, they’re expanding to K-lifestyle and K-food brands too.

Ksisters online store (source: www.ksisters.sg)

In conjunction with the expansion of its delivery network to Malaysia, we got the chance to have an interview via email with Ms. Jungmin Lee, the founder of Ksisters, to learn more about her journey in setting up Ksisters, her inspirations, and everything we want to know about this K-beauty online store.

1. Tell us about your online store Ksisters.

Ksisters stands for Korean sisters. After working at P&G for many years as a marketer, I wanted to start my own business! So, I started my business Ksisters for my 2 beautiful baby girls in 2016. Back then it was very difficult to find Korean kids clothing in Singapore. So, I started to bring indie Korean kids clothing labels, including mama – mini me twinning set. Ksisters Twinning style became very popular quickly. After 2 years of business we have built a strong community called #ksistersfam.

K-Beauty brands that are available on Ksisters (source: www.ksisters.sg)

Since we have got so many requests about K-beauty, we have started to curate K-beauty brands from 2018 and now we are expanding to K-Lifestyle and K-food brands too!

K-Lifestyle products (source: www.ksisters.sg)

And 2020 marks a very critical milestone for us because we have launched in Malaysia (my very old dream ever since Ksisters launch), and we also started our very first In-House Brand Jung Beauty, and lastly, we have started Disney Collaboration too!

Disney Collection by Ksisters (source: www.ksisters.sg)

2. When did you launch the online store? what inspired it.

It was 2016 August. My two girls were the inspiration. As a mum of young kids, I wanted to find cute and unique kids clothing! And Korea is very well known for beautiful and cute kids clothing. But I found somehow it was very difficult to find them in Singapore. So, I started to source for my girls’ wardrobes that is why it is called Ksisters – Korean sisters my two daughters!

3. What things we can expect to discover and how many brands/ products that are available on the online store?

We think “curation” is really different with simple “listing” and “distribution” so we make sure to test all products within the team and with consumer testers before our launch, so we make sure it works in our tropical weather for our skin. Korean Beauty is great but sometimes some of its formula is too heavy due to its dry and cold season. So what you can expect to see in Ksisters is what we proudly present as “tested and approved by #ksistersfam”. We have around 30 brand / 200 products at the moment.

4. How and where do you source the brands/products from? What do you look for in the brands/products you stock?

All our products are sourced from Korea. We look for their brand identity, philosophy, product fit and formula, and package appeal to our customers. Brand with a great story and great founder with strong belief always work great for us. Once we have a great candidate brand we buy their products and test them in the long term.

5. We understand you have an in-house brand, Jung Beauty. Why did you create the brand and what was the inspiration behind it? What does it offer and what can we expect from your brand in the future?

Current Ksisters is from how we kept evolving ourselves by learning from customers. We started as kids clothing only company, but with many customers’ encouragement and feedback, we have expanded to women’s clothing, kbeauty, lifestyle products, and now even food!

Jung Beauty also came very naturally in. During the last 2 years while our team have been doing our best to curate the best for our #Ksistersfam due to its nature of curation there were sometimes we encountered limitations. With our knowledge about our customers and Beauty products and our passion to bring the best of the best only, we realized to achieve this, it is time to start our In-house brand! So, we worked during the last 1 year and our 1st baby 2 step steaming hair spa is just out!

姃(Jung) is from my name 姃玟 (Jungmin). 姃 means “Beautiful and Fine (Well-groomed)” and 玟 means “Jade” in Korean style Chinese. Just like Jade becomes jewel only after grinding and polishing raw gemstone, Jung Beauty will help you to unleash your own natural beauty! And putting my name behind our brand name is my promise and guarantee that we only introduce what is best for you. Something like “Made By Jungmin”. Jung beauty was also inspired by the notion of ‘Jeong’(정/情), which is a cultural Korean sentiment that essentially refers to the warm feeling of attachment felt between people with a close relationship.

Jung Beauty 2 Step Steaming Hair Spa (source: www.ksisters.sg)

Jung Beauty’s mission is to bring Professional (Salon & Esthetics) quality care to Home care for busy modern society ladies. Smart consumers already know what care & ingredients are good for their skin, hair, and body, but do not have much time to go to spa and salons so often. So we made it an easy, quick, fuss free homecare system for professionals quality with no compromise at still affordable price. Enjoy your Jung Beauty homecare routine while watching your NETFLIX and chill!

In the conception of the brand, I hope to be able to give back to our close-knit Ksisters community by producing products that work, and products that I personally love.

6. What differentiates your online store from other beauty online stores in the market?

Our understanding in Korean Market latest trend from my former experience and network – what Koreans really hyped about and how it is evolving is one of the biggest strengths we have. But we do also have a great understanding about Malaysia with recent study and community building activities that we just started. And we do have a high standard about our curation – which we are quite proud about. We take testing very seriously and list it on our website only when it works for us. For example, we found it is very popular in Korea, sometimes it doesn’t work on our skin or our weather. So, we make sure to see this first and launch.

7. What is the delivery duration to Malaysia? What shipping options do you offer and what is the shipping cost? What is your return and exchange policy?

  • Free courier shipping over S$100 order
  • $5 flat rate for orders below S$100
  • 3~5 business day delivery

We do accept return/ exchange for faulty/ wrong size- fashion item/ wrongly delivered items via store credit/ exchange/ refund after receiving item in 15 days with original condition.

8. Any deals and promotions that we can look forward to?

Every Thursday 12 pm we come up with new promotions. And there is something special coming soon!

We are launching By Ecom Heartleaf line up promotion on 6 August! It is one of our top selling pore care series with a blackhead cleaner set. Hope you don’t miss out the great deal!

Head over to www.ksisters.sg now to browse their wide curated range of K-beauty, K-lifestyle and K-food brands and products!

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