Storybook Cosmetics’ Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette Is A Magical MUST-Have

Storybook Cosmetics' Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette Is A Magical MUST-Have - Pamper.My

They are the same folks who released these viral wizard wand makeup brushes which fit for a fellow wizard and witch who needs help practising their craft (makeup)! Sadly, it’s currently sold out and there’s no news on a restock at the moment but we’ll keep you in the loop!

Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wand Brushes - Pamper.My

Storybook Cosmetics is founded by identical triplets Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard from Omaha, Nebraska and their love for all things magic and fantasy has led them to create these magical items. And Storybook Cosmetics is on a magic carpet roll! At first glance, fans assumed the brand’s up and coming eyeshadow palette called ‘Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette’ will be Harry Potter inspired during the preliminary naming stage but recently the brand did a name revamp and revealed that the eyeshadow palette is actually inspired by “storybook witches and wizards of young and old”.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette - Pamper.My

But we still can’t help but think that the ruby red, emerald green, gold and blue shades are inspired by the Hogwarts Houses. Would you just look at the pigmentation on these shadows? It’s pure magic and what’s even better is that they are cruelty-free too!

Though there’s no release date on the Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette and Wizard Wand Brushes, we’re definitely keeping our eye peeled for them.

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