Sometimes our mornings can be pretty hectic and the last thing, we want to or, can do is to spend time with the curling wand. Plus, too much heat styling is damaging to our hair. Also, who said you need to use heat to get those enviable beachy waves a la Victoria’s Secret models?

It is time to give our crowning glory the cooling treatment that it deserves.

We found three easy ways you can curl your hair with no heat styling and all you need to do is sleep on it overnight. Tomorrow you’ll not only save time but also wake up with pretty curls, it is a win-win situation.

Loose Beachy Waves

no heat beachy waves tutorial

We have always admired Aimee’s effortless looking beachy waves and true enough, it doesn’t take a whole lotta arm strength to set it up for the big finale the next morning.

Headband Curls

no heat head band curls tutorial

These curls are so easy to do and it’s another hairstyle by itself too if you use a pretty headband or scarf. Use an elastic headband or a scarf that sits comfortable on your head so you can snooze soundly as your curls form overnight.

Sock Bun Curls


Who knew socks have a greater purpose to serve other than protecting our feet? Nee’s tutorial has proven that we can get voluminous curls sans heat after all.

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