Indulge Your Senses with these 10 New Fragrance Launches of 2023

A Must-Have Addition to Your Beauty Arsenal

Are you someone who loves to indulge in the little things that can make a big difference in your everyday life? Well, we have just the thing for you. A dash of fragrance can do wonders for your mood, memory and can even enhance your romantic experiences. The perfect fragrance will not only uplift your overall sense of joy but also helps us create a distinctive image and leaves a long-lasting impact on those around us.

If you are someone who enjoys sweet, spicy, woody, or floral scents, we have got you covered. Here’s a list of the 10 latest fragrance launches that we are currently crushing on. Trust us, a spritz of these fragrances will be the final touch to your daily routine, making you feel fabulous and refreshed all day long.

The 2023 Brit Collection by Jo Malone London

Experience the captivating and rugged essence of the Scottish Highlands with Jo Malone London’s new limited-edition colognes – the Brit collection! This collection is a stunning combination of natural beauty, untamed wilderness, and elegance that is sure to mesmerize you. The collection is back in 2023 with four distinct scents – the ‘Melancholy Thistle’, ‘Highland Heather’, ‘Mallow On The Moor’, and ‘Wild Achillea’. Only available for a limited time in May and June, be sure you grab one before they’re gone!

Melancholy Thistle

Melancholy Thistle is inspired by the abandoned castle that is guarded by bold and bright thistles. Its woody aromatic notes, mixed with a refreshing green scent, give a new meaning to youthful enthusiasm. The ivy-covered stone walls of these magnificent relics come to life with a touch of coolwood, creating an aura of youthfulness and vitality.

Highland Heather

Imagine waking up to the misty morning in the Scottish Highlands, greeted by a stunning view of heather-covered wilderness. This picturesque scenery is captured in the Highland Heather, a captivating blend of woody notes, English lavender, and fresh cypress. To complete the experience, the scent is grounded in sensuous amber, creating a luxurious and sophisticated aroma that complements any lifestyle.

Mallow On The Moor

A fragrance that reverberates the essence of nature, Mallow On The Moor draws inspiration from the untamed landscapes where purple mallow flowers grow in abundance, inviting bees with their striking colour. The fragrance encapsulates the sheer beauty of nature with an infusion of delicate powdery heliotrope and violet leaves.

Wild Achillea

Wild Achillea evokes the opulence of Golden bundles of wild achillea that embellish the untamed ruins of nature. The aroma will tantalize your senses with its bright bergamot and tangy nettle, mellowed with a unique blend of soft white musk.

Retail price: RM340 (30ml)

L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert by Sisley Paris

L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert

L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert is a versatile fragrance for both women and men, opens with top notes of fresh mint and botanical Buchu, intertwined with Shiso. The heart of the fragrance is a beautiful fusion of Papyrus and Cedar, which adds a touch of earthiness to the scent. The base notes of Oakmoss, Patchouli and Ambroxan create a subtle and refined aroma, making it a perfect fit for every occasion. With its icy mint start and aromatic geranium, this fragrance is sure to enhance and amplify the other scents you wear, bringing out new dimensions and creating a unique olfactory experience.

Retail Price: RM420 (50ml) and RM650 (100ml)

L’Eau Papier by Diptyque

L’Eau Papier

Experience the magic of musk with L’Eau Papier, a fragrance that takes you on a journey through the essence of this captivating scent. As the perfume settles on your skin, it transforms, revealing a complex and multi-faceted aroma that evolves over time. Like ink on paper, the musk saturates your senses, conjuring up dreams and images of a world beyond your imagination. The delicate white musks are impeccably balanced with an accord of rice steam, creating a fragrance that’s as smooth as the texture of paper. The lively notes of mimosa add a burst of luminosity to the fragrance, while the inclusion of blonde wood tones perfectly grounds L’Eau Papier in the material itself.

Retail Price: RM729 (100ml) and RM519 (50ml)

Gentleman Society Eau De Parfum by Givenchy Beauty

Gentleman Society Eau De Parfum

Crafted from a blend of sustainably-harvested wild Narcissus flower and invigorating Sage, this new masculine fragrance reveals a captivatingly floral aroma with a deep woody base. The scent is brought to life with Cedarwood from the Himalayas, Sandalwood from Australia, and a quartet of vetivers, creating a rich and complex olfactory experience. But that’s not all – the fragrance is elevated further with the addition of an addictive and sensual Vanilla from Madagascar, making it the perfect choice for any modern gentleman looking to make a statement.

Retail Price: RM397 for 60ml and RM520 for 100ml

Y Eau de Parfum Intense by YSL Beauty

Y Eau de Parfum Intense

Woody and clean, this Y Eau de Parfum Intense is a bold scent that amplifies the signature YSL aroma with the addition of blue juniper berries. In addition to the vibrant lavender, the cologne includes patchouli to create a scent that is both fresh and intensely powerful. This is a strong, deeply sexy cologne that packs a punch with just a single spray!

Retail Price: RM390 (60ml) and RM520 (100ml)

Un Jardin à Cythère by Hermès

Un Jardin à Cythère

Un Jardin a Cythere Eau de Toilette is the perfect fragrance for the lifestyle enthusiast. It’s a captivating mixture of woody and citrusy notes that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The fragrance combines the enveloping essence of fresh grasses with the robust strength of olive wood and the delicate sweetness of fresh pistachio, enveloping you in a warm and invigorating aroma. With its luxurious blend of scents, this eau de toilette is the perfect way to elevate your lifestyle and embrace a fresh, invigorating scent.

Retail Price: RM390 (30ml), RM538 (50ml) and RM766 (100ml)

Oud Vanillé by Cartier

Oud Vanille Eau de Parfum

The luxurious and captivating fragrance of Oud Vanille Eau de Parfum by Cartier (RM/ml) is a scent that embodies the essence of sophistication and exclusivity. This scent is perfect for both men and women, and it’s a combination of two key ingredients that complement each other beautifully. The rich, woody notes of oud wood are combined with the sweet, powdery scent of vanillin, creating a fragrance that’s both bold and addictive.

Retail Price: RM1,440 (75ml)

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette by Bulgari

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

The newly revamped Pour Homme Eau de Toilette offers a holistic experience that balances olfactive forces. The scent includes Darjeeling tea accord for a soothing green freshness, water lily note for comfort and serenity, transparent amber and musk for softness, and guaiac wood and cardamom for warmth and mood-lifting. This fragrance is versatile and appropriate for any occasion while providing a peaceful and harmonious experience.

Retail Price: RM362 (50ml) and RM511 (100ml)

Armani/Privé Santal Dan Sha by Giorgio Armani

Armani/Privé Santal Dan Sha

Armani/Privé Santal Dan Sha (RM/ml) is fragrance that’s perfect for individuals desiring a luxurious lifestyle. The scent is inspired by the tranquility of Chinese Imperial palaces and their serene gardens, providing a glimpse into the grandeur of royalty. This woody yet refreshing aroma is a blend of Sandalwood’s warm sensuality, the citrusy freshness of Bergamot, and the aromatic spices of Cardamom. The result is a captivating and majestic fragrance that is both dreamy and soothing.

Retail Price: RM680 (100ml)

Perfect Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs

Perfect Eau De Toilette

Bright and uplifting, Perfect Eau De Toilette is a radiant floral fragrance that’s perfect for those who want to set the tone for their day from the get-go. The top notes of pink peppercorn and polygonum bring a playful twist to the clean-floral accord, while the heart of white daffodils adds a touch of elegance. The fragrance finishes with a mellow cedarwood skin scent, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stay fresh and confident all day long.

Retail Price: RM468 (100ml), RM393 (50ml) and RM239 (30ml) 

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