25 Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland Goodies To Countdown To Christmas

25 Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland Goodies To Countdown To Christmas-Pamper.my

Are you one of those people who’ve already got your Christmas tree up and your entire playlist is of Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra crooning to those classic Christmas hits? Well, these new Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland goodies will excite you even further! You won’t be able to resist the adorable fox themed collection and because there are so many products coming from the range, we’ve narrowed down to 25 goodies which you choose from to give as gifts to your loved ones or as a countdown treat to yourself. These will look perfect under your Christmas tree and in your Christmas stockings!

25 Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland Goodies To Countdown To Christmas-Pamper.myHead to Sephora.my to start compiling your wishlist!

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Here are 25 goodies from Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland to countdown to Christmas!

1. Into The Stars Palette, RM199

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Into The Stars Palette-Pamper.my

The ultimate blockbuster palette that’s got your entire face covered. It contains 60 eyeshadows in neutral tones, 20 eyeshadows in eye-popping colours, five bronzers & highlighters, five blushes, five ultra-trendy complexion colour correctors, 10 creamy eyeliners, 5 brow powders, 20 lip glosses, and 2 sets of instructions on how to create killer looks and avoid mishaps. A palette worthy of the stars!

2. La Piñata, RM149

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, La Pinata-Pamper.my

This piñata is filled with beauty products instead of candies! It contains 10 little gems: a lip mask, a Fingertip eyeliner, The Mascara, a zero-transfer velvety lipstick, a cotton flower-scented body wash capsule and fizzing bath cube, a lotus sleeping mask, a hair tie, an eye mask, and a mini buffer.

3. Color Wonderland, RM249

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Color Wonderland-Pamper.my

Imagine 78 eyeshadows in a variety of finishes: marvellous mattes! Irresistible iridescents! Knock-out nudes! And it comes with two eyeliner pencils too.

4. Mini Bath Pearls, RM19

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Mini Bath Pearls Card-Pamper.my

To glam up our baths, we’re pouring in these pretty pink bath pearls. And just like that, magic is in the air (and the water)!

5. Shiny Star Lipgloss, RM29

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Shiny Star Lipgloss-Pamper.my

Something perfect to hang on your Christmas tree: this shiny lip gloss tucked in a star and embellished with this season’s guest-star– the fox!

6. Seeing Stars Palette, RM99

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Seeing Stars Palette-Pamper.my

With 16 eyeshadows in harmonious tones: apply them to the lids to widen and brighten the eyes. It even features a sly little fox for a touch of mischief on its ultra-practical mirror!

7. Sugarcoated, RM240

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Sugarcoated-Pamper.my

Peek in from the fox’s silhouette to see the 12 shiny lip glosses in this kit. A colorful blend that promises ultra-glossy, plump lips!

8. Fox Night Light, RM75

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Fox Night Light-Pamper.my

This cute little fox will fill your room with his soft, comforting light. As Sephora’s official mascot for this holiday season, he’s the perfect nighttime companion: all proceeds from its sales will go to “Toutes à l’Ecole,” an association Sephora has supported since 2011 that seeks to promote the education of girls in Cambodia. A beautiful accessory for a wonderful cause!

9. Winter Flush, RM114

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Winter Flush-Pamper.my

When our complexion is looking as white as snow, we can turn to this amazing palette containing eight blushes under its mirrored lid… With tones that vary from nude to pink, and with finishes ranging from matte to shimmery, our cheeks can achieve that rosy glow once again.

10. Mask & Play, RM26

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Mask Play-Pamper.my

A (best-selling) magazine that, with each turn of the page, reveals a colored mask (to pamper ourselves from head to toe) accompanied by a fun way to pass the time… During the application times (for treatments such as a coconut hair sleeping mask, an algae face mask, a green tea eye mask, an aloe vera hand mask, a lavender foot mask, and a charcoal nose strip), we can amuse ourselves with its entertaining games. It has 7 masks.

11. Set Of 3 Mini Nail Files

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Set Of 3 Mini Nail Files-Pamper.my

This SOS trio of nail files is something every purse needs: with their ultra-cute design, they come to the rescue to repair a broken nail or shape a jagged edge.

12. Lovely Hand Set, RM66

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Lovely Hand Set-Pamper.my

After filing your nails, pamper them with this ultra-caring kit that contains a reusable warmer, a hand mask, and a moisturizing hand cream.

13. 3 Double-Ended Brushes Set, RM120

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, -Pamper.my

This set of three double-ended brushes lets us create complete makeup looks effortlessly, offering a complexion brush for powders and blushes, an eye brush for eyeshadow and eyeliner, and a brow brush. With how-to explanations on the back of the set, it promises more-than-perfect makeup for the eyes and complexion.

14. Maxi Wonderland Gift Set, RM140

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Maxi Wonderland Gift Set-Pamper.my

With a package designed to look like a mountain chalet, it contains this year’s must-have limited edition products: bubble bath & shower gel, nourishing velvet cream, moisturizing hand cream, and scented soap.

15. Lip Balm, RM32

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Lip Balm-Pamper.my

The star fox of this holiday season is turning a blind eye to this sweet little indulgence: a balm that illuminates the lips with a gorgeous tinted glow.

16. Wonderful Stars Palette, RM92

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Wonderful Stars Palette-Pamper.my

The stars are aligned for those who want to showcase their cheeks and eyes: these three complexion powders in soft shades accompanied by nine eyeshadows in must-have, easy-to-wear tones will put stars in our eyes like no other palette.

17. Paint The Town Nude, RM169

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Paint The Town Nude-Pamper.my

For those who love their nude lips, this kit contains 10 jumbo lip crayons with smooth textures, ultra-easy application, and a fun-to-use pencil format.

18. Fizzing Magic Wand, RM19

Sala-gadoola, menchicka-boo, la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo… Not only is it magic, it fizzes too! This wand –the culmination of so many great ideas– dissolves in bathwater to release a heavenly scent. A wand to wave anytime for true magic! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

19. Easy On The Eyes, RM205

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Easy On The Eyes-Pamper.my

With its 30 eyeshadows in a myriad of finishes ranging from matte to metallic, this appropriately named palette is truly easy on the eyes!

20. Set of face and eyes brushes (With a magnetic stand), RM126

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Set of face and eyes brushes (With a magnetic stand)-Pamper.my

Resting proudly on their magnetic stand, these three essential brushes are the crowning accessory for any bathroom, allowing us to easily apply powders, blush, and eyeliner thanks to the how-to instructions included on the back of the set.

21. Large Fox Pouch, RM92

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Large Fox Pouch-Pamper.my

Another great gift to place under the Christmas tree: this ultra-complete (and totally reusable) pouch which contains an incredible trio for the body: body lotion, bubble bath & shower gel, and a shower sponge.

22. SOS Beauty Kit, RM76

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, SOS Beauty Kit-Pamper.my

This complete, fully stocked, and ultra-practical kit comes with a pocket mirror, a mini nail file, a pair of mini tweezers, 2 hair ties, two express eye makeup remover wipes, and two express nail polish remover wipes, all contained in a stunningly beautiful pouch that’s perfect for any situation we may find ourselves in!

23. Set Of 2 Foundation Sponges, RM75

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Set Of 2 Foundation Sponges-Pamper.my

Sponges that apply foundation without making a mess are already a great start. But when they’re shaped like cute little snowmen? Now that’s even better!

24. Winter Magic Palette, RM60

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Winter Magic Palette-Pamper.my

This gorgeous pink palette dotted with stars and decorated with a sleek copper-toned fox contains eight eyeshadows in finishes ranging from satiny to matte that brighten the eyes with their blendable, easy-to-apply textures.

25. Reusable Hot Pack, RM19

Sephora Collection Winter Wonderland, Reusable Hot Pack-Pamper.my

This genius and super adorable hot pack is what we’ve always wanted to slip into our pockets (or mittens) when it’s freezing outside!