Turning Hardship to Hope with World Vision Malaysia’s Gifts of Hope

As we ready ourselves to welcome the season of festivities, many are beginning to see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The brilliance of that light, however, differs depending on one’s socio-economic situation. For many vulnerable communities, that light may still be some way off unless they are the recipient of a Gift of Hope.

This year end, Malaysians can add meaning to the festive season by turning hardship into hope for a family and/or community via World Vision Malaysia’s Gifts of Hope.

The annual gift catalogue is aimed at giving hope to children, families and communities living under the darkness of poverty by presenting them practical gifts that will change their situation for the long-term.

The ‘Gifts of Hope’ catalogue comprises of three categories of gifts:

1. Hope for Children

This covers items that enable children to go to school, receive proper nutrition and healthcare, and practice basic hygiene.

2. Hope for Families

Curated here are gifts that help families to earn a living, that provide a balanced diet and that enable them to stay healthy and safe.

3. Hope for Communities

The gifts chosen here are those that alleviate communities’ hardships such as water purifying and hand-washing stations, wheelchair and support for the disabled, and livelihood workshops to train them on business management and agriculture production.

“Your gift can range from clean water to a cow or a toilet or a lifesaving medical equipment. They may seem basic to many of us yet they can mark a turning point for a child, family or community in need,” said Daniel Boey, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Malaysia.

For further information and details on World Vision Malaysia’s Gifts of Hope catalogue, visit bit.ly/GiftsOfHope-2021-WVM.

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