With the Chinese Year of the Ox that is approaching, GUESS has collaborated with its Asian Ambassador, Wang Qiang, to create a unique capsule collection inspired by the traditional Chinese cultural element “牛 Niu,” which means OX. Wang Qiang personally anticipates the special outfits for the Ox’s Year and created the new “Qiang” styles on the trendy street.

Wang Qiang is a young actor who is persistent and daring to pursue breakthroughs like the brand and it is officially announced as the Asian Ambassador for GUESS to play along with the new year trend and contemporary movement. The collaboration is aimed to encourage more young people to bravely breakthrough, pursue their dreams, and show their “uniqueness.”

The GUESS New Year Ox Series launch is leading the trend to usher the Lunar New Year in 2021. The Zodiac is an element rooted in Chinese traditional culture. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Ox, the GUESS New Year series is based on the classic Chinese zodiac “ox” as a prototype, combined with the band and sports craze of the past two years, and designed a unique icon –“Rock Ox“ and “Fitness Ox.“

The original classic triangle LOGO has been added with the exclusive “fitness cow” for the Year of the Ox, which is full of childishness and high-end fashion, making people shine. While the rocking cow playing the guitar and wearing sunglasses cleverly expresses the elements of the Chinese Year of the Ox, it also represents the “DARE TO” spirit of GUESS as a clothing brand that dares to make its breakthrough.

In the eyes of “Qiang” ambassador Wang Qiang, the design and details of every single product attracts him the most in the entire New Year series: the cartoon image of the rocking cow and the LOGO cleverly combined to make the whole vibrant. The whole New Year Ox series consists of three primary colors: red, blue, and black.


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GUESS’s New Year Ox series has been launched in Malaysia by the end of Jan 2021. There are also a surprise for Wang Qiang’s New Year emoji pack, go and check it out!

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