Fossil Q – Fashion meets function in stores October 25

Fossil Q, a line of fashionable connected accessories that showcase the design excellence, expert craftsmanship and bit of whimsy that defines Fossil, will be officially unveiled in October 25, 2015.
Fossil This is Your Q
With two types of connected watches (both display and non-display) and two styles of connected bracelets (one for men and one for women), there’s something for everyone. This line, created in collaboration with Intel, is a delicate balance of fashion and functionality, seamlessly providing consumers only the information they need when they need it.
Acting as your fitness tracker as well as your fun and quirky friend, Fossil Q will cue you to be curious, cue you to be active and cue up notifications from the contacts and apps you care about, without compromising your style.
The entire line of connected accessories is engineered with Intel® Innovation and is compatible with Android™ 4.3 and higher, iPhone 5 and above (running iOS 8.2 and higher), and connects via Bluetooth technology. The app works with top fitness applications Google Fit™, Health, UP by Jawbone® and UA Record™ by Under Armour. They also come with a wireless charging base for stress-free recharging.
The Fossil Q line includes the following:
Q Reveler ($125): keeping track of how far you run, notifying you of only the people and apps you care about and daring you to be bold and explore more around you. Keep track of who’s contacting you with a subtle nudge and color LEDs.
Q Dreamer ($125): a fitness tracker and more that looks like one of your favorite bracelets. With gentle vibrating alerts and customized color notifications for key contacts and apps, you’re sure to stay in touch, in style.
Q Grant ($175-$195): looks like an ordinary watch, but under its beautiful face, it’s talking to your smartphone, tracking fitness, listening for important messages and then alerting you to only the emails, texts, phone calls and app news you care about. Customize your key contacts with their own color, and when they contact you, you’ll feel a gentle vibration and see that color appear on right, left, or both LED indicators located on either side of the watch.
Q Founder (from $275): A powerhouse packed into an elegant package. Let your personality free as you customize your favorite watch faces with a simple swipe and tap. The Q Founder is the result of collaboration with Intel and Google, engineered with Intel® Innovation and powered by Android Wear™. Leveraging Intel and Google technology, the Q Founder shows you useful information just when you need it and is compatible with both Android™ phones and iPhones. Q Founder will be available just in time for the holiday shopping season.
These devices have three main features:
Q Activity: This built-in fitness tracker lets you know how many calories you burned and also provides results in a curious way to make your activities a bit more fun. No need to ditch your favorite fitness apps; this tracker can connect seamlessly to Google Fit™, Health, UP by Jawbone® and UA Record™ by Under Armour.
Q Notifications: These notifications are your cue that a social media update, important call or meeting awaits. Filter by just the contacts or apps you care about – or get them all. It’s up to you.
Q Curiosity: These notifications alert you that it’s time to break free from routine, look from a different angle or try something new in your community. These activities will ignite a new perspective, open up your creativity and leave your brain feeling refreshed.

Source: PR Newswire