Libresse Introduces “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to Raise V-Zone Awareness Among Women 

A recent survey conducted by Libresse revealed that two out of three Malaysian women don’t know enough about their own V-Zone. With regards to this, Libresse launches the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to offer knowledge and facts about V-Zone health so that more women are informed and empowered about their own bodies, and able to take ownership of an important aspect of their own health.

The “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign is the first-ever, interactive boardgame to break down taboos and educate women about the V-Zone, with real-life scenarios to gain social confidence. Libresse teams up with Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Patricia Lim Su-Lyn to provide credible information about V-Zone health in a fun and interesting way, lending her medical experience and insights on V-Zone health through the campaign’s ongoing digital and educational initiatives.

The “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign will run via social media, schools and in-store. Set to trigger V-Zone conversations among women of all ages, participants will role-play in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about V-Zone health. The game guides players and provides solutions that resolve these situations, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate V-Zone.

Aside from the digital and social media initiatives, Libresse extends the “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to selected schools as part of a long-standing initiative to share knowledge about puberty, periods and V-Zone care among girls aged 10 years and above.

For more information about the Libresse “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign and activities, visit or follow Libresse on Facebook at or IG (@Libresse_My).

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