I know most of us usually use our beauty tools to the fullest, you know, to get more bang out our bucks. But sometimes its’s not the wisest thing to do, especially when you’re using the same beauty tool at least once a day. Bacteria, mould and other nasty things could be hiding in the crevices of your beauty tools if they’re not dried or cleaned regularly, which could cause infections, clogged pores and acne. If you spot some black greenish or pinkish things that on your loofah or other beauty tools, time to bin those.

Here are the beauty tools that you should clean or change more often to keep things hygienic:

Face washing brushes

You Should Throw Away These Beauty Tools More Often: Face washing brush - Pamper.My
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Change the brush head after 4 weeks if you use it often or if you only use it once a week, make sure the brush head is fully dried after every use.

Pumice Stone

Always clean your pumice stone after every use with bleach to kill the bacteria and wash away the dead skin you just sloughed off. First, scrub it with soap and water with a rough brush or tool. Then, let it soak in a mixture of four cups water and three tablespoons of bleach for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Shower Cap

You Should Throw Away These Beauty Tools More Often: Shower Cap - Pamper.My
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Steam and humidity make it a breeding ground for bacteria so always keep it dry every use.


Always squeeze as much of the water out and hang it to dry at a dry area such as your room or by the window. Or change it every 3 to 4 weeks.

Dull Razors

You Should Throw Away These Beauty Tools More Often: Razors - Pamper.My
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You have to change to a new blade or razor once you notice some rusts growing on the blades or if it’s not shaving as smoothly as before.

Bath Mitt

Just like the loofah, hang your bath mitts dry after every use.

Makeup Sponges

You Should Throw Away These Beauty Tools More Often: Makeup sponges - Pamper.My
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Have you seen the videos of girls cutting open their makeup sponges and found some black stuff inside? You won’t want that to happen to you. If you use makeup sponges regularly, clean them after every use and make sure it dries thoroughly under the sun. Another option is to get the disposable ones that come in packs to make things easier.

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